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Visual Provisions

This wordpress blog was built to present recipes in a clean, minimalist way while also ensuring that all posts had well planned SEO and the recipe related meta data to be included in recipe specific google searches. Visit Site

How Did You Make This?

This is a tutorial blog. It is built to support a large volume of posts that contain a lot of large images and diagrams. Visit Site

Method & Process

A custom built wordpress grid based layout is used to display a wide variety of posts that link to diy projects. Included is a front end submission form that collects user information and formats it into ready to post blog entries that the site editor needs only to schedule for posting or discard. Visit Site

Brach's Candy Stop Motion Commercial

This national campaign for Brach's Candy Corn was created using practical stop motion, and was entirely built from paper and candy. As part of the team who made the spot I designed and built characters and set pieces both ahead of production with the help of a laser cutter and during filming working by hand on set. Watch The Video or Visit Radar Studios Website

Jennifer Bailey Star E-Commerce Site

This Big Cartel theme was custom built for indie designer Jennifer Bailey Star. Visit Site

Pop Graphics

This set of vector elements was designed to be used as laser cut jewelry for the pre-teen/teen market. They were also used in a variety of print and textile applications.

Indiana Cash 5 Lotto Launch Stop Motion Commercial

This commercial was used to launch a new Lottery in Indiana. The spot included paper cut and live human animation. I was responsible for hundreds of cut paper graphics and set pieces, as well as ensuring that they were made at the right scale to match the human cast members. Watch The Video or Visit Radar Studios Website

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