Bold Minimalist Print Blue White

A collection of coordinate bold minimalist prints inspired by geometry, tiled swimming pools, and pop art available as fabrics, wall papers, wrapping papers, or self-adhesive decals. All are printed and shipped directly from Spoonflower, click on a print for a link to the ordering information.



004015 018 011 027 030001 010 014 017 026029 002 007020 023 024003 006 008 012 019 021 022

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If you’d like to see the full collection of fabrics I have available right now on Spoonflower, click here.


A few notes on color:
Blue – when printed, it’s the truest of true blue colors I could pry from the printers.
Red – it’s a classic, fire engine color. I’ve worked hard to make sure it’s red, not orangey red, not purply red.
Mint and Violet are just that – mint green and violet purple.
Yellow – it’s bright, but not all the way to a neon. More of a taxi yellow (but the conceptual idea of taxi yellow, not a match to any particular brand of yellow taxi cab and purer than a school bus yellow, which is typically a little bit orange.)


That said, you’re looking at a screen that was probably calibrated by whatever company made it, and talking about printed fabrics, wallpapers and gift wraps. Each material, including different kinds of fabric, takes ink slightly differently. If the specific shade of a color is imperative to what you’re doing be sure to order a sample from Spoonflower before committing to a larger amount.



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