It’s only recently that I’ve reached the point with 3D modeling that I can just open up Blender and make what I want on the first try. I’ve been doing some sort of 3D off and on since high school (Video Toaster on a Commodore Amiga!) but it’s always been project centric – hyper focus, refresh exactly what I need to to do this one thing, then walk away for long enough that the knowledge starts to fade. I think I’ve finally dedicated the time and focus to move past that. I’ve managed to recapture the sort of untroubled experimentation that allowed the systems used by draw software (Claris Works then, Illustrator now) to so permanently imprint their methodologies into my brain. You need to know everything in the toolbox before you can pick the best tool for the job.



These were a first physical prototype based on some of the things I’ve been working on. They’re modeled in 3D with a bit of random fractal action for interest. I’m really enjoying that place where you use a generative system to make things and then curate the most appealing of what’s generated. I flattened them with a clever little Blender add-on designed for the purpose. Laser cut, hand painted and sealed with an epoxy resin for flame resistance. The candles in the picture burned all the way down without incident which was almost a little disappointing. I sort of like that I spent so much time on them and they could burn away when I use them. I’m really happy with the deep oxblood color I was able to mix up.


If you want the gory details of design and construction I posted them all into a project on Instructables for you to enjoy at your leisure.


I have designed a huge range of other models that I really want to render out as physical objects so that’s on my list of upcoming work.

November 6, 2012 | no responses | Art & Design

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